Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lives on Hold

When a child gets seriously ill,
the family's life turns upside down.
But you can do much to help them survive
the ordeal.....

Nothing breaks a parent's heart more the sight of her child confined in the hospital. Being hospitalized interrupts not only the child's school and childhood activities, but also the entire family's life. It is an emotional burden on the parents, a disruption of the family's work schedule, and a drain on their financial resources. The good thing is, for most childhood illnesses, life usually reverts to normal once the patient is discharged.
But what if the diagnosis is a serious, long-term, even potencially fatal, illness? How do parents deal with it? And how do you explain to a child why he is suffering?
Many families find themselves in such unfortunate situations -lives put on hold by a child illness. Both patient and a caregiver feel helpless, alone, and frightened of the unknown...
The NGO helping children and their families cope with illness and hospitalization, especially kids with chronic illnesses and life-threatening diseases. Briefly, it offers the parents emotional support, and the children, respite from their plight through play, reading, & arts and crafts session within the hospital, and educational trips outside. Children with debilitating ailments are also informed, in language they can understand and with educational medical toys, why they are sick and need painful tests, therapy, or surgery to help them get well...

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